Currency risk management platform HedgeWiz and AFEX API partner to offer end-to-end solution for FX risk management and international payments.

AFEX’s global partnership family is growing fast. The AFEX global payments API has been selected by HedgeWiz, a corporate currency risk management platform, to execute cross-border hedging strategies developed for HedgeWiz’s global clients.

 The HedgeWiz solution is a result of a thorough analysis of forex risks. The platform models possible risk scenarios to help international organisations to become aware of, and neutralise, their FX currency exposure. Their data visualisation and reporting tools complete the offering.

Execution of HedgeWiz hedging plans will be “powered by AFEX” – built on AFEX’s fully customisable API platform that enables clients and partners to easily integrate their international payments and FX needs with their existing finance and accounting infrastructure. AFEX API is a gateway to AFEX’s global payments infrastructure, offering real-time pricing and seamless execution, and enhancing the efficiency and breadth of the HedgeWiz offering. 

The partnership with AFEX will allow HedgeWiz to build a function-rich interface for their customers, automating the payments process, and extending functionality and scalability.

Together HedgeWiz and AFEX will enable clients to spend more time focussing on their business—minimising disruption from currency fluctuation and allowing them to seize new opportunities.

"AFEX is delighted to partner with HedgeWiz," says Wayne Mitchell, AFEX EMEA General Manager. "The combination of a robust currency risk management platform with an innovative global payments technology solution is unique within the FX industry. We are pleased to offer a world-class global payment processing system to meet clients’ needs."

"We are very excited to implement the AFEX API solutions. When looking for a global FX provider and payment system, we considered several alternatives, and found the AFEX technology platform to be both flexible and efficient," says Pavel Soifer, CEO and co-founder of HedgeWiz. “AFEX allows us to further automate and enhance risk management processes by facilitating FX execution and the payment solutions that we offer to existing and prospective customers around the globe and it’s a great offering for any company who seeks a streamlined platform for the management of multi-currency business." 

About AFEX

A pioneer in FX global payments, AFEX traces its roots back to 1979, and today is one of the largest non-bank global payment providers, offering market expertise and unrivalled customer service for businesses and private clients. AFEX provides a comprehensive solution of APIs for partners and their clients, representing a scalable and entirely automated platform to onboard new clients, with advanced technology and security unparalleled in the industry. With AFEX’s API technology, clients can benefit from an industry-leading partnership to generate more revenue and provide a frictionless experience to their customers. The fully customisable and developer-friendly solutions include optimised currency conversion, numerous payment and settlement options, and higher visibility into foreign markets. AFEX maintains offices across the Americas, EMEA and Asia Pacific.

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About HedgeWiz

HedgeWiz is a comprehensive AI based Currency Risk Management software solution, whose web-based platform provides a professional, yet easy tool for the financial director to automate the analysis and management of corporate currency risk in a quick, reliable and efficient way. HedgeWiz advanced financial and technology solution uses AI to make it easier for corporate finance teams to automatically identify currency risks, adopt a hedging policy and execute it seamlessly. The HedgeWiz’s analytics algorithm is based on the team’s wide experience in corporate FX risk management. HedgeWiz sells its product directly to corporate clients and partners with other financial and software organizations that are interested in offering this type of solution to their corporate customers facing FX challenges.

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